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The Guardian | ‘We want to move on’: Praia da Luz reacts to news in Madeleine McCann case

The sunny street that leads to the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz is quiet, its silence interrupted only by the chirping of birds carried on a warm breeze.

A pair of blue curtains is drawn across the window of the ground-floor apartment, the old balcony door has been replaced by an iron one and the hedge outside is perfectly trimmed.

Other than that, nothing has changed since the fateful day in May 13 years ago when Madeleine McCann disappeared from here shortly before her fourth birthday.

But news that investigators have identified Christian Brückner as the latest suspect in the case has brought the media back to Praia da Luz and once again stirred painful memories for those who live here.

“Everyone hopes this is the end, that they got the right guy and we can get closure,” says one resident. “Every year the reporters come. I think most people want to move on from it, to be honest.”


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