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Mia Alberti is a foreign correspondent with years of experience reporting from the field. She has reported from the Middle East, Latin America and Europe, on some of the regions’ most important stories. From Lebanon's crippling economic crisis, to the detereoration of life conditions in Venezuela, or Bolsonaro's controversial rise to power in Brazil and its impact in the Amazon and its indigenous people. She writes, photographs, films and edits all by herself, many times under challenging circumstances. It has led her to develop a great sense of safety on assignment, preparation and problem-solving. 

Alberti also worked as a producer for Al Jazeera’s headquarters in Doha. There she worked on the development of the channel’s Emmy-nominated show “NewsGrid”. Previously, Alberti worked with CNN’s senior correspondents Christiane Amanpour and Hala Gorani covering the 2016 U.S. elections, the Rio Olympics, and the Syrian war from CNN’s London offices.


Mia Alberti was also the UK correspondent for Portugal’s most listened to radio station, Radio Renascença. Her Brexit coverage was shortlisted for the EU’s Fernando de Sousa Journalism Award. 

Passionate about long-form reporting, Alberti also directed the documentary “Man vs. Bull: A Blood Tradition”. The film was a semi-finalist at the 2016 Los Angeles Cine Fest.

She attended City University of London and received a Masters degree in International Journalism. She also holds a minor in Multi-platform Journalism. 

Mia Alberti is passionate about covering stories impacting communities across the world, giving a voice to those who need it the most. She believes journalism can create a change in the world through objective, in-depth, human-focused reporting. 

Mia speaks five languages and is a proud Portuguese from Lisbon.





2016 Los Angeles Cine Fest

The documentary "Man Vs. Bull: A Blood Tradition" offers an intimate look at the unique bull-fighting tradition in Portugal. As man and bull prepare to face each other, we balance the power of politics and the power of people.
Who will win? And when?




IWMF's 2020 Kim Wall Memorial Fund

This fund honors Kim Wall's spirit and legacy. The grant supports young female reporters to cover subculture, broadly defined, and what Kim liked to call “the undercurrents of rebellion.”




2016 Fernando de Sousa European Prize for Journalism

The radio report “Six
months of a Disunited Kingdom” explored the impact of the Brexit referendum in communities across London, the city's financial markets, the rise in hate crimes and how it ultimately divided the UK. 

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